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Telemarketing or Telesales: Do you know which one you need?

Let’s face it; most people don’t know the difference between Telemarketing and Telesales. This suggests that they don’t understand the important distinct values that can be gleaned from each service. The words ‘Telemarketing’ and ‘Telesales’ are still often used interchangeably and then, they can be used to describe activities that often cross over. However, if you wish to get the most from your telephone campaign.

knowledge of the differences and how they can be best employed to help your business is vital. One of the greatest confusions exists around the history of the use of the terms themselves. Traditionally, Telesales (a much older term) existed as its own separate activity. Telemarketing is a much more recent term by comparison and has often been used as an overarching term that also includes Telesales as one of its component elements.

Today, many industry experts use the term Telemarketing to incorporate all activities that use the telephone to connect with (potential) customers. This includes making customers aware of a product or service, generating leads or opportunities, canvassing established customers, providing information, conducting market research, and selling products or services to new or existing customers. So, Telemarketing has become a blanket term that includes Telesales and other areas within its remit

Don’t let that confuse you further; Telesales and Telemarketing are clearly quite different activities. When looking to use a specific service for your business, the following key distinctions should be kept in mind:

TELEMARKETING IS: A service that generates interest, creates opportunities, provides information, factors customer feedback, makes appointments, and produces leads by telephone.