Welcome to 24/7 Virtual Assistants



Read, think and accept if you want to work with 24/7 Virtual Assistants.

1. Do not think this is your home. You have to work according to the instructions given by the management.

2. Office time normally starts from 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM. It may vary due to the state of your work.

3. Break time is always unpaid. Sleeping and Bengali speaking in the office are not allowed at all. You may get a financial penalty for this.

4. If you want to take a day off, you have to let us know at least 3 working days earlier. Suppose you need a day off for 4th May, you have to let us know by email before 1st May. You cannot ask for a leave when you're working on 1st May. Understand that you won't get paid for that day though it's considered authorized leave (for permanent employees only). Also, it's the management's decision that they will accept your leave application or not.

5. No call, no show will cause direct termination and all your previous earnings will not be disbursed. You have to call, NO TEXTING allowed.

6. You may browse the internet IF NEEDED, but no pornography or bad things. But you can use an office computer for it, not your personal phone.

7. Working from home may have different rules and regulations*

8. You will get paid monthly unless there is an issue. You are supposed to get paid on each month's second THURSDAY night. If urgent, let us know ahead of time*.

9. Confirm each and every email sent to you regarding financial reports or money.

10. Your hourly rate is private. If you share your hourly rate with someone in the office and find the difference, that means there is something that has been discussed while hiring.

11. You have to send an email of resignation 4 (Four) weeks earlier, otherwise, your payment will not be disbursed.

12. If your office starts at 9:00 PM, you have to show up by 8:50 PM. Otherwise, it will be counted as late. 1 day late is acceptable with an early call/reminder, 2 days late in a month will deduct half of your attendance bonus. 3 days late will deduct full of your attendance bonus + 6 hours payment. Penalty for the 4th or onward lates will be considered by the authority.

13. If you cannot show up in the office for any reason for more than 2 days, you need to call us before starting the next day. You may be terminated based on the decision.

14. While working from home, if you are late coming from break (even for 1 minute), you are still late for the day.

15. If you try to log in to any of the accounts, such as email or any other kinds of stuff outside the office that are used in the office, you'll be directly terminated company can directly file a cybercrime case against you anytime.

16. No mobile phone is allowed during work.

17. The laptops or computers or any other stuffs that you're using is your responsibility during working time. You need to let us know if anything is wrong. Otherwise, you'll be responsible for any damage.

18. In case of any electricity or internet issue, you will get paid for the day (6 hours) but you have to be in the office for 8 hours.

19. Only in case you're really sick, you can take a day off, but you have to fill those hours on weekends in the night time (working time) No Overtime for those hours.

20. It's your duty to keep all the credentials secret.

21. You need to check the notice board before leaving the office every day, that's your responsibility.

22. Failing to meet up the target of your work may lead you to LAY OFF or termination.

23. Unauthorized leaves will deduct immediate two previous day's full payment / 16 hours payment.

24. 24/7 Virtual Assistants can modify, change or delete any rules. And if the office changes any rules, you will be notified in your webmail.

25. Sometimes if needed you need to do overtime according to the work pressure and you will get OT for that according to your salary structure. If you think after all these rules, you're ready to go forward with us and you will not show any excuse or request for any changes, please sign in this contract.

26. Until further notice, no late is accepted at all.